The Braaipal Set

The new generation Braaipal®

The Braaipal® sold in the orange carry bag, is the second generation. The only difference is that this new
generation has one braai level less. Market research indicated that 3 braai levels are more than adequate.

Braaipal components

A Braaipal® set consists of the following components:

  • 2 x Braaipal racks
  • 2 x Connection rods
  • 1 x Sliding pin
  • 1 x Potjie stand
  • Carry bag

Assembling the braai racks with the connection rods


The two braai rack units each has three braai levels. Two connection rods join the two braai racks.

Assembling the unit is a rather simple process which can be done in a matter of seconds.

How? Place one of the rack units on the floor with the racks facing upward. Now push the two connection rods through the tubes which are part of the rack units. Place the other rack unit with its racks facing downward over the open ends of the connection rods. Turn the stand onto its legs and adjust according to the required size.

Another method is to place the two rack units on top of each other with the two tubes on each rack unit lined up symmetrically. Push the two connection rods through the tubes and turn it to stand on its legs. With a twisting movement of your hand the rods are now pushed through the tubes until they (the tubes) are about in the centre of the rods.

Whilst your Braaipal® is treated with a special type of paint it may initially be necessary to use a mallet or a piece of wood to tap the rods through the tubes. The paint on the inside of the tubes may cause a tight squeeze, but this will only be temporarily. Adjust the size of your Braaipal® to fit the size of your grid by simply pulling the two rack units apart from each other.

The stand, when extended to its full length, can accommodate a large fish grill (snoek grill). It can also be adjusted to fit a very small grill if it is a twosome braai.

Sliding pin

The sliding pin is truly an exceptional little tool. The one end is in the shape of a (fish) hook and the other end has a handle. When hooked on one of the connection rods on an angle, it provides space for a casserole in order to keep cooked meat or "braai" samies warm till all the meat is ready to eat. The sliding pin is also very useful to employ as a poker. The sliding pin is also available as a stand alone item.

The Potjie Stand

The potjie stand is an extremely useful component, as it is also a stand for a small grid to do your toasted sarmies on. The potjie stand is designed to fit a no. 2 three-legged pot or a no. 10 flat bottom pot on anyone of the three levels. A bigger pot, e.g. a no. 3 or 4 size three legged pot, will fit on the top of the two racks by using two sliding pins. Simply manoeuvre the sliding pins according to the size of your pot.


Carry Bag

The durable carry bag is made from a heavy gauge polypropylene and useful as a general carry bag also.


Optional accessory

The coal tray is an optional accessory. Click here to view more detail.

The Braaipal® is a genuine South African invention and it is the intellectual property of the
patent holder. The name "Braaipal®" is a registered trademark. BEWARE of imitations!