Where to use

Where to use your Braaipal

  • Braai like a champ with your Braaipal® in your indoor or outdoors braai.
  • Place your Braaipal® inside old "faithful", the adapted petrol drum, and there you go!
  • Take a 9kg gas bottle, which was converted to a braai drum, preferably equipped with its own legs and place your Braaipal® over it so that the bottom racks rest on the edges of the gas bottle.
  • Use an old car wheel (not the tyre!) and place your Braaipal® on or over the rim.
  • Any caravan park worth its salt will have open brick or block braai places for its visitors. Simply place your Braaipal® inside the braai place and bob up.
  • If you are touring Namibia, place your Braaipal® on the sand, use your coal tray to start a charcoal or briquette fire, or even better, make a genuine log fire and enjoy the peace of the ageless old desert.